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Tuesday, August 17, 2004


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Now, I was prepared to give some benefit of the doubt to Blogger here since I usually work off IE5 for Mac*, but I'm here on milady's IE6 and Windows XP machine, and it still looks screwy (although at least I can read the title of my blog now. Left and right padding are still doing strange things though, which is why the three columns are all overlapping each other). Surely that's not an unpopular choice of platform and browser? I actually worked pretty hard to get this design of mine to meet W3C standards, and - apart from the Blogger/Google code inserted at the top and the archive javascript, which I had no control over - it did. So why is it all knackered now? Seriously, if anyone has any ideas (more constructive than simply 'move to Movable Type' - I don't need more spam in my life thanks), I'd love to hear them. Nice, user-friendly comments box is linked below.

*Which I know is one step down from sending smoke signals in the rain, but y'know, I thought the word was interoperability, not exclusionism-for-those-who-can't-afford-to-buy-OS-X-to-run-any-of-the-new-browsers-off. And yes, I have heard of Opera, but I got fed up with trying to get it to work so ditched it.

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