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Friday, August 20, 2004

Fly in the ointment 

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It's like some kind of music-news rollercoaster round here. As a probably inadvertent follow-up to two posts I connected below, Greg Sandow takes Gavin Bouchert to task over his recent joy-saying with regard to the classical music industry. Sandow has a lot of figures to back up his case, and of course I can't speak for the state of things in the States, but I don't think the picture he paints (with regard to new music/young audiences, eg) mirrors my experience in the UK. But the Tower Records case (and I brought them up as well, in a slightly different context) is rather more complicated - yes, they are going (gone?) bankrupt, and yes they did as a rule have the largest selection of classical recordings of the major high street chains, but the reason for their collapse is most probably due to the bizarre machinations of the global record industry at the moment, so their stance on classical music is I think coincidental. This is not to say, however, that the disappearance of Tower will not be keenly felt. The double Piccadilly whammy of Tower then Waterstones (then a cheeky G + T at a great bar near Green Park if one was still feeling flush) is always an excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and a small fortune.

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