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Friday, July 09, 2004

Summer Burn 

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My Summer Burn CDs are ready for two lucky people - and, if they're really lucky I might just get round to posting them this weekend. Tracklist runs as follows:

'Journey': The Gentle People: The Braindance Coincidence
'Spiral Dance': Keith Jarrett: Belonging
'Bug Powder Dust': Bomb The Bass: Clear
'Uprising': Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra: Liberation Afro Beat Vol. 1
'Skills To Pay The Bills': The Beastie Boys: The Sounds Of Science
'Spellbound': Rae & Christian Featuring Veba: The Chillout Lounge 1
'Millions Of Images': William S. Burroughs: The Elvis Of Letters
'I Need The Disco Doctor': Space Raiders
'Song for the Orca': Travis Morrison
'Caught By The Fuzz' (Accoustic Version): Supergrass: Caught By The Fuzz
'I've Had A Few': Russ Tolman: New Quadraphonic Highway
'Indian Song': Elastica: Elastica
'Birdman' (BBC session version): Ride: Waves
'Showrooms': Sam Prekop: Sam Prekop
'The Viaduct' (Ian Carmichael remix): The Pastels: Illuminati
'Pale Blue Eyes': Marisa Monte: Rose & Charcoal (Verde Anil Amarelo Cor De Rosa & Carvão)
'You're The Top': Ella Fitzgerald: Sings The Cole Porter Song Book

Not at all how I thought it might come out. I did try a couple of other lists, but they ended up a) far too obvious, and b) far too dark for summer. Hope the two parties concerned enjoy this one, though.

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