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Monday, April 19, 2004

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Matt brings up the value of a good RSS once more. Just for the record, here's what Blogspot users should do:

Log in to Blogger. Go to Settings, then Site Feed, then set 'Publish Site Feed' to Yes. And that's it. More hits guaranteed, and happier readers. Of the sites I read through my Bloglines account, the following are Blogspot users, whose names I offer up to those wishing to add them to their RSS readers (all links here are to the /atom.xml page):

86400 seconds
The Architectural Dance Society
clap clap blog: we are pentecostal
crumbling loaf
DenseMedia Domain
The Devil Dances In An Empty Pocket
Die Acid House Die
DJ Martian's Page
Fluxblog : Are These Words From The Future?
The Freelance Mentalists
the melancholy of resistance
Michaelangelo Matos
Mischievous Constructions
peking O
worlds of possibility

and honourable mention to Blissblog, which has a Blogstreet feed hosted here.

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