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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

For Scott 

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Herbert Howells

Howells was one of England's greatest church composers, certainly of the 20th century, probably since the Renaissance. There's a Naxos CD of his choral music (£4.99, you won't regret it), which includes 'Take him, Earth, for Cherishing', and the utterly utterly gorgeous Requiem. (If this piece doesn't tear you in two, you might as well give up ;) ) 'Take him, Earth' was written for JFK's memorial service, and is one of the lost masterpieces of British music, I reckon. Because he was a contemporary of the more well-known Vaughan Williams and Britten, and because so much of his music is for the church and not the concert hall, Howells is unjustly overlooked, but ask any organist or cathedral singer in the country, and they will know, and probably love, his music.

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