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Friday, April 23, 2004

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Alright - I've put recommended recording links for the two Music since 1960 items I've already done, for those that want.

Although, actually - and I know this is probably heresy - I hardly ever pay attention to the performers of a classical work I'm listening too. I'm not sure why this is. It may willful resistance to all the bullshit that surrounds marketing classical performers (see Sandow, passim), but on a more practical level I guess it comes about from the fact that for so much of the music that I like, I'm just glad that a recording exists in the first place (the Atmosphères disc I link to includes the first recording of Apparitions, a crucial work in Ligeti's development, since a long-deleted recording made in the '60s). Really, as long as the performers don't screw it up (and if they do, I want my money back), then I'm happy. The current set-up has this nasty habit of sidelining composers, reducing them to vehicles for the artist's egos in all too many instances. I'm sure this is at least partly responsible for the marginalization of contemporary composition these days in the general consciousness (how many times have I met people who didn't believe that composers even existed any more ...).

Now go outside and enjoy the sunshine.

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