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Saturday, March 06, 2004

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This is great stuff from Angus. I was brought up a Methodist, although I think I'm officially down as 'non-attending' - Methodists are good at keeping track of these things - so hymns are in my blood too. And it's true, you don't really take the words in at all. Hymns have that effect - you just follow the rhythms and the shape of the tune, and the rest is pretty incidental in practice. Although I'm sure Charles Wesley would disagree.

Mind you, that array of words and tune combinations can be pretty daunting, as I recently discovered when trying to sort out my wedding music. Try this site of metrical psalms - essentially Psalms shoehorned into the syllabic metres Angus mentions, and then set to hymn tunes - there are dozens of combinations for each one, and somehow you're supposed to be concentrating on the words as you madly flick through your Psalter to find the tune everyone else is happily belting out beside you. It's a minefield! So in the end, we ditched that idea and went for a straightforward Anglican chant setting, which reduces the confusion somewhat.

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