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Friday, March 05, 2004

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One of the nicest things about reading blogs, something they have that no other non-fiction medium can really do, is that you can see people changing their minds, adjusting to changes, surprising themselves. The ever-excellent Sean at Die Acid House Die has been doing just that with the forthcoming Wiley album recently. [I've only heard one track from this - 'Problems', which popped up on Fluxblog recently - but I think I see what Sean's getting at when he says "Wiley has taken the MCing aesthetic and turned into a joyous pop art". 'Problems' is lyrically pretty angsty, nagging, picking fights etc., but musically it's in roughly the same territory as Madness's 'It Must be Love'. In spite of the tension in the rhymes, it's just fun. One in the eye for hand-wringing, Guardian readers who can't see beyond a stereotyped image of East London estates, I reckon.]

All this, and a top ten of theorists (and I shudder to think how much work all that was - Sean, for library geeks like me you're an inspiration!). What more do you want?

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