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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

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I had a Googler stop by asking how to get rid of NTSearch from their computer (referring to an earlier post). If they're still looking for info, this is what happened to me:

This was all happening on my work computer, running Windoze 2000. It's also fitted with Sophos anti-virus software, which at the same time picked up that I had QHosts, SpoonerD and something called 'sp' sat on my hard-drive - from what little I know (and I'm hardly an expert) - QHosts may have been the one causing the trouble.

In the end, Sophos dealt with these, but the search thing didn't go away (and I couldn't use Google etc. either) until I physically deleted the files that Sophos was isolating. So, my advice is probably to get yourself a good virus cleaner, run it, then delete any residual crap.

The real catch with this thing was that sometimes, when I tried to use Google, it would bring up a fake Google.com page, with some blurb about how their DNS registry wasn't working or something, so could you try your search again using the box below. Which, stupidly, I did. And that is when I think it hooked me. So watch out.

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