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Friday, February 13, 2004


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Some things I saw yesterday:

Docklands Light Railway - a man with an iPod and a Rubik's Cube
Outside Waterloo station - three teenage girls hanging out of a limousine waving at people

The London Eye is lit red at the moment. Bloodshot.

Went to Greenwich in the afternoon, picked up the following records in Music and Video Exchange:

Matmos: The Civil War, which is laugh-out-loud funny. What I love about Matmos is they strike that precarious balance between po-faced, arthouse electronica, and sheer daftness. Lots of pictures on the inside where they look like they're playing Blackadder, as milady observed.

Aphex Twin: drukqs, which I hadn't bothered to get yet, but for £7 I wasn't going to say no.

Missy Elliot: 'Pass that Dutch', promo

and a CD of works by Kenneth Gaburo, whose name rang a bell for me, but I still haven't figured out why.

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