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Monday, February 09, 2004


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I'm not normally in the business of plugging my friends' work (alright, maybe I am), but for this, I'm making an exception. When I heard that my mate Dom was working on a new internet browser, I have to be honest I did wonder about his judgement - haven't we got enough that work pretty well as it is? But then, last week, I saw his idea. It's called Quadrasite, and it's just been released on the net. It's early days, so it's only in a version for Windows at the moment, but if that's OK for you I urge to you try it out. Words don't really do justice to how great an idea this is, but download the program and you'll see what I mean. It's one of those ideas that when you see it, you go 'Oh my god, that's so brilliant, why has no one thought of that before?'.

The whole idea of Quadrasite is that it essentially opens four web pages at once. A bit like Opera, you say, but bear with me. Because the difference is that this is the first browser to think of everything four times over. So when you enter something in its inbuilt search box, you search four engines at once (and you get to set these). Or you can hit the 'I feel lucky'-type button, and get Google's top four results. So you don't have to be that lucky. And if that doesn't work, hit it again and you get the next four, and the next four and so on. ie very fast searching indeed.

Or, alternatively, you can have one page open in one pane, and drag and drop the links into the three other panes. None of this going back and forth to get anywhere, you can see where you've been and where you might be going at the same time. It doesn't sound much, but it means you can read a blog, if you do that sort of thing, and all its links out without losing track of what the person was saying in the first place. Imagine the possibilities for reading hypertext novels like 253 like this.

Or, you can set up your 'quadralink' favourites. Instead of one homepage, you can have four. Or, you can click your 'music' quadralink and get four record shops at once. Or, click 'news' and read all four British broadsheets together.

It really is very, very cool. But enough plugging, just click the link already.

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