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Wednesday, February 18, 2004


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What a lark! What a plunge!

Skipped off at lunchtime and found myself in Avid Records, Oxford. Unfotunately, since I don't have a turntable (I know; anyone know a secondhand one going cheap?), in places like this I have to grit my teeth and walk past the racks and racks of lovely LPs which I would dearly love to thumb and own and make do with the altogether colder business of the CD section. Still, the following 6 quality items set me back a mere £20, so you can't complain too much:

Goldie: Timeless (about time I got a CD copy, even if it doesn't have the extra tracks on)
Mercury Rev: Boces
Spiritualized: Let it Come Down
Missy Elliott: Under Construction
Soul II Soul: Vol. II: 1990 A New Decade (another one I've had on tape for years)
Lou Reed and John Cale: Songs for Drella

Quality. Pay Avid a visit if you're ever in Oxford. Great shop.

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