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Friday, January 02, 2004


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Being a big fan of a life lived according to pulse and cycle, I'm also a big one for making New Year's resolutions. This year's a big year for me, since it's the one in which I get married, and miraculously become grown up and sensible.


So, my five resolutions this year are:

1. Call home more
2. Get fit for the wedding
3. Get some of this bloody thesis written
4. As ever, see more live music
5. And, inspired by cnwb, spend more time in charity shops hunting for tunes. So far this has begun relatively inauspiciously, with a haul of one Sleeper single ('What do I do now?', a tune that used to break my heart as a teenager), and Kingmaker's Eat Yourself Whole, which is actually a pretty decent greasy-spoon, grebo jangle of a record, spoiled by some dire lyrics (but then most of my record collection is, John Dowland aside).

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