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Monday, November 03, 2003

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But enough self-referential back-slapping for now... Naturally I know about Gramophone (even did some Paid Work related to their site a while back, they've taken it down now...), and I guess that is an exception, but I've never really bothered reading it regularly. Yeah, there's good stuff in there, but I find wading through pages of guff about opera singers or the bizillionth recording of The Four Seasons a real turn-off (OK, that's a liberal use of tar from this here ClassicFM brush, but yeknowwaddamean).

Still, a quick browse just now dug up this piece on the wonderful Meredith Monk, so maybe a second look is in order. I first heard Atlas on Radio 3 years ago. Now, back then I couldn't stand opera (I'm pretty wary of it now, but some bits I don't mind...), but hearing this piece was a revelation: there were hardly any words, I couldn't see the staging, and I was relying on plot summaries from the presenter at the beginning of each act, but I felt I knew exactly what was going on and what the music was about (and, more importantly, for). Magical. ECM have released quite a bit of her work, so it's not hard to track down, and there a couple of audio snippets over at Boosey and Hawkes.

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