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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

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OK, so I've spent the whole morning fannying around with BT's disaster area of a website, trying to get a little webspace and e-mail set-up to go with my broadband connection.* Honestly, almost every single page (and I had to work through dozens and dozens of them) had some design flaw, functionality issue or downright illogic. Even the pages about website design. And this is supposed to be a friendly service for the non-initiated (who'd better not own a Mac, 'cos they don't even acknowledge you exist then...). Gah!

NTK run an occasional thing on hacking websites to make them friendly. Wonder if they'd be interested...

*Small prize for anyone else with the patience to find out how to do this...

Anyway. The upshot is that one day, before too long, I hope, there'll be some new groovy stuff here like RSS and whatnot. But don't hold your breath...

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