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Thursday, October 30, 2003

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Mid-note to the ongoing repetition/time-travel thang: some lovely words by Brian Marley [reviewing Feldman's Late Works with Clarinet (Mode 119 CD)] in the current Wire:

"One of the characteristics of Morton Feldman's music is the way silences are thrown into stark relief. Each silence - freighted with memory, charged with expectation - becomes a unique presence in the music more than merely an absence of it. Though his silences are measured in units of time, they also contain an intimation of infinity. The music of the 'classical' tradition slows down, speeds up, layers and otherwise manipulates time. Of the other arts, only cinema plays with our temporal perception to a greater degree. But we've become so accustomed to this happening that we hardly notice it. Feldman's music, especially that of his later years, more nearly approximates the quotidian time of which we're only fleetingly aware. If his music seems strange, it's not because it employs the temporal distortions to which we've become accustomed but, on the contrary, because it doesn't."

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