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Thursday, September 25, 2003

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Just because I am a big SY sucker.

Daydream Nation was actually the first SY album I bought, and to be honest I hated it the first three or four times. But back then £8.00 was a lot of money to a kid, so I stuck with it. This is certainly part of the reason why I'd always describe it as my favourite one of theirs. But these days Murray Street's the one I reach for first. Obviously everything released imediately post-11th September took on an additionally haunting quality that was never there in the first place - and since this album was recorded in the band's studio near Ground Zero, you can't help sense its unwitting presence. For me, 'Disconnection Notice' is the killer - 'Did you get your disconnection notice?/Mine came in the mail today' just sounds like its straddling the line between apocalypse and community normality that cut through that time. Disconnected from what? And why so calmly resigned to it? Just coincidence, but no less haunting.

Speaking of which, one of the first records I bought after 9-11 was Born into trouble as the sparks fly upward by The Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-La-La Band (subtitle: 'Plays a tiniest worried symphonies'). I was sitting on the train coming home reading the inlay card - and this was still in the days when people had one eye trained on the skies - reading track titles like 'Sisters! Brothers! Small Boats of Fire are falling from the Sky', and 'Built then Burnt [Hurrah! Hurrah!]'. You shouldn't read too much into these coincidences, but it really spooked me at the time. That album's final refrain 'Musicians are cowards/Musicians are cowards ...' still hurts.

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