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Sunday, August 10, 2003

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I wouldn't call it British stoicism - it's just too hot to think... I was going to post on this yesterday, but couldn't bring myself to do it. Still, here you go.

According to Metro (sorry, no online version), the free London rag, 100 commuters spent 9 hours travelling from Southampton to Waterloo earlier this week. About 70 miles, at an average of 8mph, in 30+ degrees C. Yuck. Apparently, the heat buckled all the track, and they had to switch to three different trains - one of which only had one carriage - pregnant women were fainting, etc. etc.

Now, of course this is a ghastly experience, and the rail companies involved made a bit of a hash of things, but these are extreme weather conditions. Like 3 feet of snow is extreme. So it's perhaps not surprising that some people had a lot of trouble getting into work. My sympathy for these poor sods vanishes completely however when I read between the lines: over the course of nine hours they've been shunted onto three separate trains. And when it came to the final one - the single carriage black hole of Calcutta - they were advised against using it because it would be dangerous. Now by this stage it must have been mid-afternoon. On a Friday. In August. When getting to work is all but impossible. But still these fools press on, imagining that turning up at the office in the early evening is worth it. For God's sake TAKE A HINT!!! GO HOME!!! Relax with your families, read a book, make love to your wife; but don't imagine for a second that the world will end if you stop punishing yourselves day after relentless day.

We're not stoical - we're just muppets.

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